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Peru, land of the legendary Incas, has retained much of its mythical feel. The cultural capital of Cuzco provides a glimpse into the country’s proud history, as the center of the Sacred Valley and the explorer’s base for the lost city of Machu Picchu. The Quechua and Aymara, descendants of the Incas, weave threads of their culture with Spanish influences to create a rich Peruvian culture of art, architecture and music. A Peruvian traveler has the opportunity to see watch the sun set on the Pacific, climb the highest peak in the snow-capped Andes, and catch a glimpse of the pink river dolphin in the Amazon River.

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Inca Trail frequently asked questions

Inca Trail frequently asked questions: How long is the Inca trail and how many hours do we hike per day? Is altitude sickness common? And how high is the Inca Trail? Do porters carry our luggage while on the Inca ...

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Peru Land of the Inca Tour

Peru Land of the Inca Tour: Peru’s culture is a rich, vibrant blend of indigenous and foreign influences. Coastal towns, high mountain deserts, dense cloud forest and the jewel-green Amazon are all found within its borders, making Peru a ...

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LIMA Capital Of Peru

Travel to Lima Peru, VISIT LIMA: “Discover all the cities living within the city of Lima, where the faces, cultures, festivals and flavors of Peru gather together”.

Peru tourism and travel information

Peru History

History of Peru PRE-HISPANIC PERU Peru is one of the major original cradles of ancient cultures, together with Mexico, Mesopotamia, India and China. During Paleolithic times, Peruvian peoples started to develop hunter-gatherer villages towards 6000 b. C. and left their first ...


Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge

The Sanctuary Lodge in Machu Picchu Ruins Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge is the only hotel located adjacent to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu. Luxury tours, hotel rooms, suites and restaurants at Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge.Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge ...

Peru tourism and travel information

Travel to Peru Land of the Incas

TRAVEL TO PERU LAND OF THE INKAS Peru is a fairy-land with amazing history and enchanting nature. The mighty empire of the Incas has flourished in these lands. Peru Tour Operator: Classical Inca Trail, Short Inca Trail, Salkantay, Machu Picchu, ...