Argentina has many peculiarities that have traveled the world by word of mouth with the people who have visited the country. The outgoing personality of its people, who are friendly, fun and effusive; the typical cuisine which includes asado, mate, regional dishes, and dulce de leche treats; the traditional dances like tango, or folklore, with different choreographic forms, according to each area; the passion for football, and the fanaticism for the major players and clubs, Boca Juniors and River Plate being the most popular ones, and the ones that fill their stadiums and cause proliferating displays of excitement every time they play, or horse riding games in the outskirts of the city which reveal the powerful Spanish influence and the persistence of old traditions; and, of course, the personality that each special region knows how to maintain and strengthen as time goes by. 

Vibrant colourful and incredibly diverse Argentina bursts with life from the colourful streets of vibrant Buenos Aires to the remote wilderness of Patagonia.

Beaches, waterfalls mountains, glaciers and mighty waterfalls – Argentina has the lot.

Argentina’s vibrant capital Buenos Aires is a sophisticated introduction to the country boasting a thriving café culture, fine dining, & sophisticated nightlife. 

“Poor old Niagara” Eleanor Roosevelt commented when she first beheld the iguazu falls and once you’ve experienced the thunderous power of the 275 falls that throw a curtain of mist up 150 metres into the air you may well agree

To the south lie the vast wilderness of Patagonia with its jaw-dropping views of the vast Perito Moreno Glacier, remote lodges & estancias and fabulous trekking amongst the forests, lakes & glaciers. 

Right on the southern tip of the continent lies Ushuaia, gateway to the wild Tierra del Fuego National Park and port of embarkation for expedition cruises to the Antarctic 

Away from the poster boy attractions Argentina still has so much to offer, taste world famous Malbecs in the vineyards around Mendoza, explore the amazing desert landscapes around Purmamarca and Cachi or ride the spectacular Train to the clouds from the charming colonial city of Salta.