Domestic Flights in Peru

If you have only a short time for visit Peru, the best way to travel is by air. air tickets The Lima’s International Airport Jorge Chávez is the main hub to local flights connections.

Peru is a big country with long distance between the main tourist attractions. From Lima to Cuzco there are 1,165 Km (724 miles) and need 20 hours for a trip by road, and 01 hour by air.

The most important tourist places in Peru have an airport and regular flights, which operate with modern aircraft fleets.

The flights schedules to destinations located in the Andean zone (Cuzco, Juliaca – Puno, Arequipa) usually are programmed in the morning, beginning from 6:00 AM. The schedules for west coast, eastern and north jungle are programmed till midday until 10:00 PM. Flights after 10:00 PM are not usual.

The Lima’s International Airport Jorge Chavez is opened to all people the 24 hours and its security is too much controlled; there is no annexed hotel to the airport. The internal airports of Peru are opened to people only during the time of commercial flights, and is not recommendable to stay there out of these hours.

It is recommendable to be at the airport 1 hour and 30 minutes before your flight programmed hour.

A rental light planes service also exist, and air companies for non regular flights.

Domestic flights arrivals to Lima (Airport information – real time)
Domestic flights departures from Lima (Airport information – real time)

(*) Connection flight

Airlines code
2I = Star Peru
LP = Lan Peru
TA = Taca
P9 = Peruvian Airlines
W4 = LCPeru
LCB = LC Busre

Before departure – Confirming Reservations
Scheduled departures should be reconfirmed with the airline office at least 72 hours in advance, as reservations may otherwise be cancelled. Please indicate any special services required ( dietary restrictions, etc. ) on reconfirmation.

Before departure – Airline Check In
Passengers must check in at Lima International Airport Jorge Chávez at least two hours before departure time. All domestic flights departing passengers are required to pay an airport tax. For domestic flights are required to pay an airport tax US $ 7.

Transportation from / to the airport in Lima Airport – Hotel or City: In the Domestic Flights exit you can take a official taxi, it’s a secure service. (US $ 15 approximately.)

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